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The baby boy shown with his mother in this page background, is in honor of his precious life.
Click Here : Baby Isaiah was born weighing just under one pound, " 14 ounces " in 1999... and lives today!!
Life is so very precious!

We ALL need to pray and stand up for what is right in the eyes of God!
God Loves YOU
and knows exactly what
YOU are going through.
We "NEVER" have to be alone again!!
Make the right choice.....choose LIFE!!

There Are "OTHER" Choices !!
Informative Solutions, Education, Assistance Programs,
Baby Supplies, Adoption !
Need Help? Please contact us,
we are here for you!!

Yes, a woman has a right to her own body,
but the genetic code for her baby
is different than hers,
making her baby its own "self " from her.
Should her baby be a girl,
she has been denied her "right"
to live because of death by abortion.

A baby is as precious with life as its mother !

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Crisis Pregnancies are of "Emergency Proportions" in this nation.
If you would like to help these precious families,
please send your love Donation to

Save My Children Ministry
P.O. Box 158
Marienville, PA 16239

Every Love Donation will receive a
Tax Deductable Receipt.

Every love gift helps !

This crisis can be greatly reduced through your generosity.
Helping to restore families is Priceless !


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